MyT Folding steroid Roofs

MyT Folding Steroid Roofs

The Roof size can easily be adapted by combining the width (33, 30 and 27 meters / 108.27’, 98.43’ and 88.57’) and the depth (20, 17 and 14 meters / 65.62’, 55.77’ and 45.93’). The towers in conjunction with the ballast base system guarantee high stability and solidity of the structure in any configuration

MyT Steroid is a new concept in ultra high load truss that is the perfect choice for any temporary or semi-permanent structure. Made from EN AW-7003 T6 high performance aluminum alloy it maintains its form and undergoes minimal deflection even at maximimum load allowing higher load capacity at longer spans than any other truss system. A unique feature of MyT Steroid folding truss is that it can be folded, locked and moved by a single person. It’s folding design reduces the transport and storage space required, making it the best investment for large structures - the perfect balance of cost, performance and handling!

Basic information

Dimensions 108.27' x 65.62' + 29.53' of P.A.
Height range from 49.21' to 82.02'
Main truss MyT Folding Steroid
Towers MT85
Uniformly distributed load (UDL)** 67241 lbs
Chain hoists 11 023 or 13228 lbs