MyT Folding Steroid Tower

Maxitower 85

The QL85 high performance tower system has been specifically developed for use with MyT truss. QL85 encompases many advanced features including the LITEC modular ballast base support system and the innovative mechanical safety lock - which offers a fast, safe and reliable method of securing the sleeve block at working height.

LITEC offers one the most complete lines of towers; from the most compact telescopic to the most complex lifters used for High Load structures. They are entirely pre-assembled modular ground supports, which combine structural soundness with a simple and elegant design. Many tested and certified products are available to meet every need.

Basic information

Maximum tower height 82.02 ft
Lifting system chain hoist
Vertical main truss QL85A
Compatible trusses (with suitable sleeve block) MyT Folding Steroid
Base dimensions 2.99 x 2.99 ft
Base volume 35.32 CF
Maximum lifting load capacity 26 455 lbs

Axial Load Table / Imperial

Span (ft) F (lbs) F (kN)
29.53 55586 14213
32.81 54128 12417
36.09 52530 10854
39.37 50799 9508
42.65 48953 8352
45.93 47017 7358
49.22 45015
52.50 42975
55.78 40925
59.06 38887
62.34 36883
65.62 34932
68.90 33046
72.18 31234
75.46 29501
78.74 27851
82.03 26286

Maxitower 85 sleeve block

Multi-directional sleeve block with a mechanical safety lock system that secures the block from drop and lift when used in conjunction with our Safety Block.

Sleeve block OPEN
Sleeve block SECURED
Safety block
Chain hoists support
Tower top

Ballast base

Modular steel ballast base support system*. Modular connections on all sides.

Ballast base - Connection kit

Allows connection to all sides of the ballast base block, either directly to other ballast modules or for the connection of truss.

Ballast combination